AA meetings

Literally, millions of people all over the world have got sober because of AA. There are more than 200 meetings every week in Greater Manchester and Lancashire. AA meetings are run by previous drunks who keep sober through AA. This includes sober alcoholics from the LGBTQI community.

Meeting finder

GAY MEN IN RECOVERY – with weekly meetings on Saturday mornings close to the city centre, at 10:30 to 12:00hrs. Click Here
LGBTQI AA in Manchester has meetings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings near the city centre. See Manchester meetings list. Click Here
AA Manchester Young Persons’ Meeting, held Tuesday evenings, Manchester central. Many LGBTQI members. Click Here
LGBTQI AA around the world. Some meetings register with Gay and Sober. Click Here
AA International meeting finder: Click Here

AA meetings are anonymous, no one has to give their name, no record of attendance is taken, and nothing is written about what people say. It is run by us, for us, to get and keep sobriety. That is all it is

The meetings are just one part of recovery – to stay sober, we need to maintain regular contact with other alcoholics. So getting telephone numbers for a chat, or meeting for coffee, is all part of the recovery journey.