Gay Men in AA

Come say ‘hello’ to us, at this fantastic event in Leeds, 10-12th June, 2022. We will be in one of the group boxes, facing the auditorium. You are never alone with AA.

Welcome to our website created by people attending the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting of ‘Gay Men in Recovery’, Manchester UK. The website provides information and support to anyone who thinks they have a problem with alcoholism. It provides additional information specific to the LGBTQI community. Recovery starts by talking to sober alcoholics at AA meetings.

Anyone with a desire to stop drinking can attend AA meetings. However, even knowing this, some of us from the LGBTQI community were unconvinced, and continued to put our lives at risk, as we suffered the illness of alcoholism and did not open up to the AA programme of recovery. So it is fantastic that more and more LGBTQI meetings are opening up to spread recovery for us all.

The GOD word

We can’t avoid it so we might as well talk about it now, especially as many LGBTQI people have not had good experiences with anything associated with this word (although we know of others who have). So to be clear: AA is a recovery programme based upon spiritual principles.

AA is not a religion, and has no view on that subject. The original AA literature uses the term ‘God’. But goes on to clearly state that each of us makes our own mind up about what that means for them. For some, it is simply the AA group itself. After all, doesn’t ‘GOD’ also stand for ‘Good Orderly Direction’ by a ‘Group Of Drunks’.

(This website was created by members of the meeting ‘Gay Men in Recovery’, Manchester UK, to carry the message to other alcoholics).